Scentville Island sunrise



Scentville is a land surrounded by mountains and hills. It is covered with the most colourful talking plants and flowers, which smell amazing.

In fact Scentville is probably the most wonderful smelling place you could imagine, with a mouth watering aroma.

The sky is always covered with a brightly coloured rainbow, which according to Scentie folk law has magical powers.

scentville island break

The Scentie code is to keep their entire island, their houses and their surroundings spotlessly clean, tidy and free from rubbish.

The Scenties live happy and content in their wonderland.

Their homes, unlike yours and mine are bottles, all of which have individual family colours and are all different shapes violet riding beeand sizes, and as I have mentioned well looked after by their owners.

The Scenties mode of transport are their 'mobos'.These too are coloured bottles,a little like their houses, with rainbow coloured handles.As these mobos are motorised, the Scenties are able to speedily travel around.Mobo

Yes...Scentville is the most idyllic, scenic and beautiful place imaginable.....come on let's not tarry.....we should go there...and begin our journey...!


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