……….Scentville’s Scenties……….

………..Coming to make your world a better place……..

(Uniquely scented paged book)

Scenties TogetherThis is a short story featuring four unusual but very likable characters.

Violet, Rose, Chuck and Blue are all known as Scenties, each individually scented and each with a special role to play in changing children’s attitudes everywhere towards the environment they live in. the Scenties reside on a magical FLower and Bee Togetheridyllic island, called Scentville; a place where everything is perfect in every way. The streets are lined with blossoms and greenery, bees and other creatures and birds roam freely, flowers talk, young Scenties play happily in clean glades and lanes.

The four Scenties go on their first adventure. It’s no ordinary adventure….a secret mission to another land Mobowhere they are instructed to leave behind something which will open up eyes and ears, encouraging children from our land to look after and care for their environment.

The story retells their adventure, including the highs and lows they encounter.

Bottles which transform into ‘Mobos’; Kaleidascooper-Scentville’s Rainbow Warden, Evergreen Angel Lime; magic dust which generates dreams, and heroes Sally and Jeffrey….all addAn Evil Pidgat to the excitement and mystery of the book!

In the background lurk the evil Pidgats and countless thoughtless people, who are gradually destroying their environment. The secret mission of the Scenties sets out to Kaleidascooper the Rainbow Wardengrab the attention of young people everywhere, and with their friends Sally and Jeffrey amazing things come to pass!

This compelling story is the first of several to follow, challenges the young mind and leaves us all with a question………CAN WE MAKE OUR OWN TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE MORE LIKE SCENTVILLE?...


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